Jersey Wedding Photographer

So you’re getting married in Jersey

…and looking for a good wedding photographer who won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Well, you’ve landed in the right place!

I know from experience that no wedding is ever the same and everyone is different. I don’t stick to a formula. My background is in photojournalism which is reflected in my style.

I grew up and learned my trade in one of the world’s most varied and picturesque wedding destinations. Coast, countryside, quaint characteristics and a quirky way of life are found on this charming, friendly island.

Cost-wise you pay just for my time taking and editing your pictures so they can be uploaded and shared. I don’t do packages and what you get is copyright free to choose from and download.

Not being studio based, I always work on location so that means I don’t have hidden overheads putting me in the affordable rather than painfully expensive category.

Please call or email me for advice or suggestions regarding photo locations and ideas. I am there to create a great album of professional images that document your day and provide you with memories to look back on.

The messages of thanks from many happy couples after being chosen as their wedding photographer is something I am proud of.